YamnResiding in Denver, first and foremost Yamn’s heart is in their live experience. One that scintillates the senses with courageous beats, grooves that cause instant and contagious grins to ripple across the undulating crowds, heart-warming peaks and head-banging rock riffs. With more than 200,000 road miles after the original members met in the high country town of Breckenridge, Colo., and now ten years of making music together the trance-fusion rockers continue hurtling toward their evolving vision.

That vision led to the recent release of their second full-length album, Unity of Opposites. The 14 song, double-disc album covers Yamn’s musical versatility. Touching mainly on straight up Rock n’ Roll and Live Electronica, the music creates an original fusion.

The Unity of Opposites, is an old Greek philosophy that dates back to 535-475 BC. The philosopher Heraclitus, Pre-Socratic Era, was the first to recognize this way of thought.  It is the thought that the existence of one thing or condition depends on the co-existence of the opposite of that thing or condition. Opposites create a tension between one another yet necessitate themselves. There would be no up without a down, no left without a right, and so forth. They manifest together.

Yamn chose this philosophical concept as the name of their last album because their music unifies two genres most consider to be opposite of one another: hard rock and electronic music. This led to the band creating their double disc album, Unity of Opposites, with one disc leaning on electronica and the other disc leaning on rock. The album makes the point that by combing the two “opposites” genres, a band can create a fusion of sound that is both original and enjoyable to the ear. It is this concept that the band will use to continue to create their original music for years to come.

As their dedication, virtuosity and pure enjoyment continuously propel them, Yamn’s focus remains on the here, the now and the what-is-to-be while continually fulfilling the journey of enhancing their lives and the lives of those listening with powerful and seductive sounds.